best at pub and bar in london

Do you know ever at pub and bar in london its depens on what if you woudl like go to anywhere you con some find out something in london shall we do thats on Time out the 100 best bars anbd pubs in london please dont hesitate you can go to any best pubs anf bars in london

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cider in uk and japan

Ive fround some interthing something in uk for expole what if you were in japan its never been seen cider because some cider is without alcohol its kind of soft drink btw englich cider is 3.5 to 12 in continetal ciders in uk law its must be contain at lease 35 apple juice

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for explax in japan cider is its must popular mituya cider  actually my favorite is it


trip to drink a coffee



its tributaries have more than their fair share of cafés and restaurants, but a decent coffee shop is still hard to find there. Coffee Works Project is the first proper new-wave coffee bar to spill its beans near the Angel, drawing in a mix of chatty families and creatives hunched over their laptops


All staff are frendlly and happy to explaidin thier distick flavoues also We were advised not to add any milk to it, since this would hide its delicate floral notes. The brew didn’t need any sugar either – it was inherently sweet. But for a proper caffeine hit, choose the flat white. Served in a glass, the Kiwi classic was strong and smooth without any trace of bitterness.


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London at cafe

 Favorite cafe 

 becauseat Hart and lova bakery if you were at arounds that near by Swiss cottage is know for great foods and sweet as well as cofree and all staff vary friendlly and nice savers i allways bought cake and late ive ever tasted as if japanese sweet things i think at cafe owener has lived in japan but in weekend quite busy would be great in weekday its better realize for you

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